IPM: Integrated Pest Management

Insects, small animals, soil pathogens, and viruses pose serious threats to California’s crops. Read More.

Soil Health: Organic Matter

Strong crops depend on high quality soil, and every aspect of soil health depends on Soil Organic Matter… Read More.

Services: A “Total Systems” Approach

Our PCAs and CCAs propose pest control and nutrient management programs… Read More.

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Plant Available Water & Irrigation Efficiency

Increase the Water Stored in Your Soil  California’s drought conditions have improved, yet irrigation allocations will remain tightly regulated due to continued groundwater depletion and erratic weather. In order to cope with limited water rations, […] more

Sustainable Agriculture: How to Conserve the Soil

A sustainable resource is one that continues supplying the commodity or service indefinitely, without causing negative externalities. Although many agricultural practices including mineral nitrogen fertilization and heavy tillage produce high yielding crops, over the long-term, […] more


PESTS: Ecology Pest Control Advisors use ecology, the study of relationships between organisms and their environment, to predict pest outbreaks and understand the effects of pesticide application and other management practices. When agricultural ecosystems are […] more

Strawberry Fertility Trial

Tri-Tech is currently testing two biostimulants, AgroThrive and O-MEGA (call out boxes – see below), to determine their effects on strawberry growth and yield. Both products may improve soil health and crop growth by supplying […] more