Strawberry Fertility Trial

Tri-Tech is currently testing two biostimulants, AgroThrive and O-MEGA (call out boxes – see below), to determine their effects on strawberry growth and yield. Both products may improve soil health and crop growth by supplying essential micronutrients and supporting beneficial soil microbial populations. Microorganisms benefit crops by enhancing soil organic matter, increasing nutrient uptake, and strengthening plant pathogen defenses.

AgroThrive LF is a certified organic liquid fertilizer produced by decomposing fish in a proprietary Progressive Digestion Process. AgroThrive is rich in carbon and micronutrients and is formulated to enhance beneficial soil microbial populations to support healthy plant growth.

O-MEGA is a certified organic fertilizer containing high concentrations of several strains of beneficial soil microorganisms. By inoculating the soil with O-MEGA , we intend to strengthen the microbial community in the root zone, improving nutrient absorption, plant growth, and disease resistance.

The trial includes five different experimental treatments, allowing us to observe how plant growth varies under different management conditions. Plants are grown in 5 gallon pots under hoops. The test treatments include:

  1. Control: No fertilizer added
  2. Conventional fertilizer only
  3. Conventional fertilizer plus OMEGA
  4. Conventional fertilizer plus AgroThrive
  5. Conventional fertilizer plus OMEGA plus AgroThrive.

The strawberry fertility test trial: October 2015 to June 2016.