Tri-Tech Ag Products supplies a wide range of pesticides and fertilizers, along with chemical application services, and farm management recommendations.

  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Dry fertilizer
  • Application services
  • Field monitoring
  • Pest and nutrient management recommendations

A “Total Systems” Approach

Tri-Tech Pest Control Advisors (PCAs) and Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) propose pest control and nutrient management programs based on the unique conditions at each ranch. PCAs and CCAs monitor crop progress, adjusting fertilizer and pest control strategies as needed to bring in high quality and high yielding crops. By providing both nutrient and pest control services, Tri-Tech can use a “Total Systems” approach to agriculture.

Appropriate fertilizer application helps to conserve soil quality and prevent pest outbreaks. When insects, weeds, or fungi do threaten the crop, Tri-Tech employs both chemical and biological control methods to keep pest populations low. This is integrated pest management at its best.

Licensed & Trained Professionals

PCAs and CCAs complete continuing education units and attend pest and nutrient management seminars to stay up to date on university research results and best management practices for sustainable agriculture. Using environmentally-responsible pest and nutrient management programs, Tri-Tech helps ensure that each ranch continues producing high quality fruits and vegetables, long into the future.

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