PESTS: Pesticides & Safety

The US federal and state governments tightly regulate all pesticides used and sold in California. At the federal level, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) inspects and registers all pesticides before they can be sold or used in the US. The EPA also oversees state level pesticide regulatory programs. In California, the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) adds another layer of safety and supervises pesticide registration, sale, and use. Before registration with either the EPA or DPR, chemicals are rigorously tested for effectiveness and human and environmental safety. County agricultural commissions set regulations specific to local conditions, and enforce appropriate chemical use by monitoring fields and collecting pesticide application reports.

Tri-Tech Pest Control Advisors carefully select pesticides and amendments to mediate or prevent damage on each individual ranch. Management decisions are guided by careful field observations, current best management practices, and knowledge of the broad range of ag chemicals and biocontrol options available. Tri-Tech Pest Control Advisors base their recommendations on the knowledge gained through rigorous training, years of experience, and annual continuing education courses and seminars.